Since its release in 1996, the Internet Protocol (IP) Camera has redefined surveillance and security. It is programmed with advanced functionality that is not available in analog cameras, such as remote accessibility, easy integration and configuration, superior image resolution, intelligent video capabilities, analytics, and better scalability, among others. Unlike traditional cameras like the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), IP cameras transmit data and images via the network or the internet. With the surge in technological innovation today, owners could subscribe to a variety of methods to remotely monitor their businesses in real time, such as through the utilization of mobile phone applications or user-friendly IP Camera software. Not only are security cameras vital in reducing crimes and robbery in the vicinity of businesses, they also provide owners with peace of mind and reassurance. Business owners could keep a closer eye on their employees and oversee the work flow better.

Planning a thorough surveillance system can be overwhelming, that is why M&M Communications strives to be a premium brand in IP camera surveillance and security camera installation and configuration. We provide our clients with a wide variety of security cameras that fit their budget and commercial demands. To guarantee that your business is securely monitored, we utilize only the best equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as employ the most capable installation specialists. We aim to provide unparalleled service in terms of security and surveillance.